Jean Higgins, Betty Jane Warren (Higgins), Betty Higgins, date unknown

My mother was Betty Jane Warren. Born on April 15, 1936, and died from cancer on July 12, 1978.

I don’t have details on her family, other than what was given to me by her brother Bobby. One day, I will dig deeper into this, find sources, and transform everything into the format I’ve done for my paternal line. But for now, here’s an extract from the file that was sent to me.

Generation 1

Betty Jane Warren: born 15 Apr 1936 in Alexandria, VA; died 12 Jul 1978 in Alexandria, VA.

Generation 2

Harvey Norman Warren: born 8 May 1904 in Fountaindale, PA; married 4 Feb 1928 in Rockville, MD; died 6 Aug 1986 in Alexandria, VA.

Bessie Lorraine Eustace: born 14 Feb 1911 in Stafford County, VA; died 16 Dec 1997 in Alexandria, VA.

Generation 3

John Alonze Warren: born 26 Feb 1874 in Harbaugh’s Valley, PA; married 29 May 1898; died 30 Mar 1948 in Fountaindale, PA.

Amanda Josephine Hardman: born 28 Sep 1880; died 10 Jan 1965 in Fountaindale, PA.

William Henly Eustace: born 10 Feb 1869; married 22 Nov 1894 in Stafford, VA.

Mary J. Beach: born 30 May 1873; died abt 1925.

Generation 4

Isaac Newton Warren II: born 14 Apr 1846; married 25 Dec 1865; died 1929 in Harbaugh Valley, PA.

Mary Catherine Cline: born 4 Mar 1845; died 2 Aug 1917 in Pennersville, PA.

James Isaac Eustace: married 31 May 1859 in Stafford, VA.

Sarah Mason Kendall.

Generation 5

Isaac Newton Warren I: born 1797 in Baden-Baden, Germany; married; died 11 May 1867 in Charmain, PA.

Susan Corl: born 1809 in PA; died 4 Aug 1884 in Harbaugh’s Valley, PA.

John Eustace: born 1790; married 9 Dec 1820; died 1839 in Fauquire Co., VA.

Looisa Boteler: born abt 1793 in MD; died abt 1877.

Generation 6

Isaac Eustace: born 1751 in Fauquier Co. Va; married 14 Dec 1780 in Fauquier Co. Va; died 1831.

Susanna James: born abt 1747 in Fauquier Co. Va; died 1822.

Generation 7

William Eustace , Jr.: born 1729 in Northcumberland Co, VA; married 11 Dec 1749 in Fauquier Co. Va; died 1800 in Fauquier Co. Va.

Ann Gaskins: born bet 1710 and 1735; died bet 1754 and 1824.

John James: born 16 Mar 1707 or 16 Mar 1708 in Stafford Co.VA; married 16 Aug 1738; died 6 Nov 1777 in Fauquier Co. Va.

Dinah Allen: born Oct 1716 in Stafford Co. Va.; died 2 Jan 1778 in Fauquier Co. Va.

Generation 8

William Eustace I: born 1676 in Northcumberland Co, VA; married 1710 in Northcumberland Co, VA; died 1740 in Northcumberland Co, VA.

Anna Lee: born 1700.

Thomas Gaskins II: born abt 1694 in VA; married; died 28 Aug 1737 in Northumberland, VA.

Mary Conway: born abt 1699 in VA.

Thomas James: born abt 1674 in Stafford Co. Va.; married 11 Sep 1699 in Stafford, VA; died bef 1765.

Sarah E. Mason: born abt 1678 in VA; died bef 1773.

William Allen: married.

Margaret ??.

Generation 9

John Eustace I: born abt 1656 in England; married 1675 in Bishops Waltham, UK; died 1701 in Northcumberland Co.,VA.

Sarah Jauncey: born bet 1633 and 1658 in England; died 1682 in Northcumberland Co, VA.

Hancock Lee: born 1652 in Ditchley, Northumberland, VA; married 1696; died 25 May 1709 in Hancocks Neck, Northumberland, VA.

Sarah Elizabeth Allerton: born 1671 in VA; died 17 May 1731.

Thomas Gaskins I: born bef 13 Jan 1662/3 in Wicomoco, VA; married; died 20 Sep 1729 in Wicomoco, VA.

Martha Pinkard: born abt 1670 in Wicomoco, VA; died 18 Apr 1733 in Wicomoco, VA.

Edwin Conway , Jr.: born abt 1682 in Lancaster Co., VA; married; died 3 Oct 1763 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Ann Ball: born 1686 in Corotoman, VA; died in VA.

John James: born abt 1630 in VA; married abt 1665; died bef 1720.

Elizabeth ??.

George Mason: married.

Mary French.

Generation 10

William Jauncey: born bet 1592 and 1633 in Stratford England; married bet 1619 and 1666; died 1697 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Elizabeth Cossens: born bet 1599 and 1635 in Cudridge, England; died 1677 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Richard Lee I: born 1618 in Cotton Hall, Shrophshire, England; married 1641 in Jamestown, VA; died 1 Mar 1662 or 1 Mar 1663 in Northumberland, VA.

Anna Lee Constable: born 21 Feb 1620 or 21 Feb 1621 in Londen, England; died bet 1656 and 1722.

Isaac Allerton , Jr.: born 1628 in Plymouth, MA; married; died Oct 1702.

Elizabeth Willoughby: born 1635; died aft 1672.

Josiah Gaskins: born abt 1626 in England; married; died abt 1675 in VA.

Sarah: died abt 1679.

John Pinkard: born abt 1650 in England; married; died Dec 1690 in Northumberland, VA.

Elizabeth: born abt 1650 in England; died aft 1697 in Northumberland, VA.

Edwin Conway II: born abt 1642 in VA; married 1660; died Aug 1698 in Richmond Co., VA.

Sarah Walker: born abt 1644 in VA.

Joseph Ball: born 25 May 1649 in Maryland; married abt 1675; died 25 Jun 1711 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Elizabeth Romney: born abt 1650 in Londen, England; died abt 1700 in England.

Generation 11

John Lee: born abt 1576 in Worcestor, England; married; died Feb 1628 or Feb 1629 in England.

Jane Hancock: died 1639 in England.

Frances Constable: married.

Isaac Allerton , Sr.: born abt 1584 in Suffolk, England; married; died 1 Feb 1657 or 1 Feb 1658.

Fear Brewster: born in Plymouth, MA.

Thomas Willoughby: born abt 1598; married; died bef 1657 in Londen, England.

Alice ??.

Thomas Gaskins: born abt 1601 in England; married; died 9 Nov 1665 in Northumberland, VA.

Edwin Conway I: born 1610 in England; married 1640; died 1675 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Martha Eltonhead: born abt 1615 in Lancashire, England; died in VA.

John Walker: born abt 1630 in England; married; died in VA.

William Ball II: born abt 1615 in England; married 2 Jul 1638 in Londen, England; died 5 Oct 1680 in Lancaster Co., VA.

Hannah Atherall: born abt 1618 in England; died Jun 1695 in Lancaster Co., VA.

William Romney: born in Londen, England; married.

Generation 12

Edward Conway: born 1564 in England; married; died 3 Jan 1628 or 3 Jan 1629 in Westminster, London, England.

Dorothy Ann Tracy: born 1563 in England; died 5 Mar 1610 or 5 Mar 1611 in Arrow, Warwick, England.

Richard Eltonhead: born abt 1582 in Elton, Lancashire, England; married; died 23 Sep 1664 in England.

Ann Sutton: born 1586 in Rushton, England.

Wiliam Ball I: born abt 1580; married; died Dec 1647 in England.

Thomas Atherold: born abt 1590 in England; married.

Mary Harvey: born in Londen, England.

Generation 13

John Conway , Jr.: born 1535 in Warwickshire, England; married bef 12 Sep 1559; died 4 Oct 1603.

Helen Eleanor Greville: born abt 1539.

John Tracy: married.

Anne Throckmorton.

William Eltonhead: born abt 1556 in England; married.

Anne Bowers: born abt 1560 in Brierly, England.

Edward Sutton: born in Rush Spenc, Staffordshire, England; married.

John Ball II: born abt 1560 in England; married; died abt 1628 in Workingham, England.

Elizabeth Webb: born in England; died 12 Sep 1616 in Workingham, England.

Thomas Atherold: born in Burgh, Suffolk, England; married.

Mary Vessey.

John Harvey: born in Londen, England; married.

Generation 14

John Conway: born 1510 in Arrow, Warwick, England; married abt 1530 in England; died aft 22 Jul 1535 in England.

Catherine Verney: born abt 1516 in Hertfordshire, England; died 22 Jul 1553 in England.

Foulke Greville: born abt 1491 in Warwickshire, England; married bef 11 Apr 1526; died 10 Nov 1603.

Elizabeth Willoughby: born 28 Apr 1500 in Wiltshire, England; died 15 Nov 1562 in England.

Richard Eltonhead: born abt 1530 in England; married.

Jennet Gerard: born in Ince, Lancashire, England.

James Bowers: married.

John Ball I: born abt 1525 in Workingham, England; married; died 1599 in Workingham, England.

Agnes Hollsway: born in Finchamstead, Berks, England; died in England.

Generation 15

Edward Conway: born abt 1468; married abt 1510; died 1547 in England.

Ann Burdet: born abt 1475 in England.

John Eltonhead II: born abt 1504 in Elton, Lancashire, England; married abt 1529.

Elizabeth Byrkenhead: born abt 1508 in Lancashire, England.

Thomas Garrard: born abt 1508 in Lancashire, England; married.

Maud Bold: born abt 1512 in Lancashire, England.

Wiliam Ball: born abt 1505 in Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England; married; died 1550 in Workingham, England.

Margaret Moody.

Generation 16

John Conway: born abt 1442 in England; married abt 1463.

John Eltonhead I: born abt 1480 in England; married.

Margaret Lancaster.

Richard Byrkenhead: married.

Henry Bold: married.

Alice Savage.

Robert Ball: born abt 1475 in Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England; married; died 1543 in Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England.

Margaret ??: died Jun 1542 in Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England.

Generation 17

Nicholas Eltonhead: married.

? Harrington.

John Savage: married.

Eleanor Brereton.

William Ball: married; died 1480 in Barkham Manor, Berkshire, England.

Generation 18

Nicholas Harrington: married.

Margaret Lathom.

John Savage I: married.

Maud Swinnerton.

Generation 19

Nicholas Harrington I: married.

Isabel English.

Robert Swinnerton: married.

Elizabeth Beke.

Generation 20

Thomas Swinnerton: married.

Maud Holand.

Generation 21

Robert Holand: married.

Maue LaZouche.

Generation 22

Alan LaZouche: married.

Eleanor DeSegrave.

Generation 23

Roger LaZouche: married.

Ela Longespee.

Generation 24

Stephen Longespee: married.

Emmeline De Riddleford.

Generation 25

William Longespee: married.

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