Right off the bat, I’ll tell you this is a confusing clan. A man named Moses was married twice, and I’m blood-related to both of his wives. His son from his first wife had a daughter named Rachel. His son from his second wife married that same Rachel. It was that marriage that produced Abigail, who later became me. So Moses’ granddaughter was also his daughter-in-law. Close family.

  • Solomon ben Yosef haLevi
  • m. Unknown
    • Yosef ben Shlomo haLevi
    • m. Unknown
      • Isaac ben Yosef haLevi
      • m. Unknown
        • Shlomo ben Isaac haLevi haZaken
        • m. Unknown
          • Isaac HaLevi “the Younger”
          • m. Unknown
            • Moses HaLevi
            • m. Unknown
              • Isaac Halevi
              • m. Unknown
                • Isaac Levy
                • m. Beila Halevi
                  • Joseph Levy
                  • Moses (Raphael) Levy
                  • m. Richea (Rycha) Asher (see next lineage below)
                    • Bilhah Abigail Levy
                    • Asher Levy
                    • Nathan Levy
                    • m. Michal
                      • Rachel Levy (See … below)
                      • Michel Levy
                      • Philadelphia Levy
                    • Isaac Levy
                    • Michael (Jechiel) Levy
                  • m. Grace Mears (see Mears Family)
                    • Rachel Levy
                    • Ester (Hetty) Levy
                    • Sampson Levy
                    • Hannah (Hindlah) Levy
                    • Benjamin Levy
                    • m. Rachel Levy (see … er … This Family)
                      • Nathan Levy
                      • => Abigail Levy
                      • m. Dr. Lyde Goodwin (see Goodwin Family)
                      • Hetty Levy
                      • Jacob Franks Levy
                      • Robert Morris Levy
                    • Joseph Levy
                  • Samuel Zanvil Levy
  • Benjamin Levy (**)
    • Asser Levy
    • Rachel Levy
    • m. Valentijn Valck Van Der Wilden
      • Simon Valentine Levy
      • Rebecca Levy
      • m. Asher Michaels de Paul (children called Asher)
        • Michael Asher
        • Richea (Rycha) Asher (from above)
        • m. Moses (Raphael) Levy
        • Rachel Asher
        • m. Samuel Levy
        • m. Samuel Myers-Cohen

The Lineage
Richard Lee Higgins Jr. => Richard Lee Higgins Sr. => Nellie May Walker => Anna Elizabeth McBlair => Charles Ridgley McBlair => Charles Henry McBlair => Pleasance Goodwin => Abigail Levy

Abigail Levy
Born: Aug 12, 1760
Married: Mar 17, 1779 in Baltimore to Dr. Lyde Goodwin
Married: Nov 12, 1807 in Baltimore to Dr. John Worthington
Died: Aug 4, 1820
Buried: St. Paul’s Burying Ground W. Lombard St. Baltimore

Rachel Levy
Born: 1739 in Philadelphia
Married: 1758 to Benjamin Levy
Died: Nov 11, 1794 in Baltimore

Benjamin Levy
Born: Sep 5, 1726 in New York
Married: 1758 to Rachel Levy
Died: Feb 3, 1802 in Baltimore

Moses (Raphael) Levy
Born: 1665 in Germany
Married: 1695 in London to Richea Asher
Married: 1718 in London to Grace Mears
Died Jun 14, 1728 in New York

Nathan Levy
Born: Feb 18, 1704 in London
Died: Dec 21, 1753 in Philadelphia

(Rabbi Yeshua) Isaac Levy
Born: 1639 in Spain
Died: Apr 26, 1695 in New York
Beila Halevi (Levy)
Birth: circa 1643 in Germany
Death: April 29, 1697 in New York, NY, United States

Isaac Halevi
Also known as Yitzchak
Born: circa 1610
Death: circa 1660 in Gibraltar

Moses HaLevi
Born: 1580 in Morocco

Isaac HaLevi “the Younger”
Born: 1560
Died: 1620

Shlomo ben Isaac haLevi haZaken
Born: circa 1532
Died: circa 1600

Isaac ben Yosef haLevi
Born: circa 1502 in Thessaloniki, Kentriki Makedonia, Makedonia Thraki, Greece
Death: 1572 in Thessaloniki, Kentriki Makedonia, Makedonia Thraki, Greece

Yosef ben Shlomo haLevi
Born: 1482 in Evora, Évora District, Portugal

Solomon ben Yosef haLevi
Born: circa 1455 in Evora, Portugal

I show migrations into the US, both from Germany and London. It’s semi-confusing, but perhaps this long treatise will help.

Deeper Dive
Yes, this is all very confusing. Hopefully these will help:

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot about the American Levys recently, I am the 8x great granddaughter of Samuel and Moses Levy’s brother Joseph

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