I know very little about this line, except for what has been published by William and Mary and by a paper documenting “Jews in America” (of which I am proud to say I am related to the first permanent Jewish resident in North America).

  • Austin Goodwin
  • m. Susanna Lyde (see Lyde Family)
    • Nathaniel Goodwin
    • m. Ann Egles
    • Austin Goodwin
    • m. Ann Muggleworth
    • Cornelius Goodwin
    • Lionel Goodwin
    • Lyde Goodwin
    • m. (Elizabeth) Pleasance Ridgely (see Ridgely Family)
      • Elizabeth Goodwin
      • m. Henry Dorsey
      • William Goodwin
      • m. Elizabeth Ridgely
      • m. Micah Dorsey
      • Susanna Goodwin
      • Rachel Goodwin
      • m. Thomas Parker
      • m. Jesse Hollingsworth
      • Pleasance Goodwin
      • m. Rev. John Coleman
      • Dr. Lyde Goodwin
      • m. Abigail Levy (see Levy Family)
        • => Pleasance Goodwin
        • m. Michael McBlair (see McBlair Family)
        • Rachel Goodwin
        • Lionel Lyde Goodwin
        • Charles Ridgely Goodwin
        • Benjamin Goodwin
        • Henry Goodwin
        • William Goodwin
        • Elizabeth Goodwin
        • Thomas Parkin Goodwin
        • Maria Goodwin
        • James Goodwin
        • Robert Morris Goodwin
    • Mary Goodwin
    • m. Benjamin Fox
    • Ann Goodwin
    • m. John Dixon
    • Elizabeth Goodwin
    • m. William Hutton
    • Esther Goodwin
    • Susanna Goodwin
    • m. Thomas Kingston

The Lineage
Richard Lee Higgins Jr. => Richard Lee Higgins Sr. => Nellie May Walker => Anna Elizabeth McBlair => Charles Ridgley McBlair => Charles Henry McBlair => Pleasance Goodwin

Pleasance Goodwin
Born: Feb 12, 1780 in Saint Johns Parish, Baltimore, Maryland
Christened: Saint James and Saint Johns, Baltimore, Maryland
Married: June 9, 1801 to Michael McBlair in Baltimore County
Died: Sep 29, 1837

Dr. Lyde Goodwin
Born: Feb 4, 1754
Married: Mar 17, 1779 in Baltimore to Abigail Levy
Died: Aug 19, 1801
Buried: St. Paul’s Burying Ground W. Lombard St. Baltimore

Lyde Goodwin
Born: 1718 in Bristol England
Baptized: Nov. 10, 1718
Immigrated: Abt 1740
Married: Apr 25, 1742 to Pleasance Ridgely
Died: Nov 26, 1755

“One branch of the family was represented in the earlier period of Maryland by Lyde Godwin, who came from Bristol, England, about 1740, and whose children became in part the ancestors of the Ridgeleys of Maryland. This branch of the family later changed its name to Goodwin.”

On June 27, 1752, Charles Ridgely gave to his son in law, Lyde Goodwin and wife Pleasance a tract called Howard’s Invitation.

Austin Goodwin
Born: Feb 12, 1678 in England
Married: Susanna Lyde

He was a merchant and the Sheriff of Bristol in 1756. He is said to have resided in Bristol England.

The Clan
There are quite a few non-bloodline Goodwins I’ve discovered, but in the name of saving my fingers, instead of typing, I’ll just show you the chart.

William and Mary Quarterly
The Goodwin’s of Baltimore Maryland
Files: g1.gif – g7.gif
Starting on page 108, a listing/narrative of the history of the Goodwin family.

I have Lyde Goodwin being born in Bristol, England, and later marrying and living in the USA. Obviously he came here in-between, but no details as of yet.

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