I started this family because of a marriage to a surname already in progress. Then I found out it was a very well researched group. Right back to a Lord in England executed by Henry the 8th.

  • Lord Thomas Darcy Dorsey
    • Son of Lord Thomas Darcy Dorsey
      • Unknown
        • Thomas Dorsey (*1)
        • m. Elizabeth Conyers (See Conyers Family)
          • Edward Dorsey
          • Thomas Dorsey (*2)
          • m. Unknown
            • Edward Dorsey Sr.
            • m. Anne ___
              • Edward Dorsey Jr.
              • Sarah Dorsey
              • John Dorsey
              • m. Pleasance Ely (See Ely Family)
                • => Deborah Dorsey
                • m. Charles Ridgely I (see Ridgely Family)
                • m. Richard Clagett
                • Caleb Dorsey
                • Edward Dorsey
              • Joshua Dorsey

The Lineage
Richard Lee Higgins Jr. => Richard Lee Higgins Sr. => Nellie May Walker => Anna Elizabeth McBlair => Charles Ridgley McBlair => Charles Henry McBlair => Pleasance Goodwin => Dr. Lyde Goodwin => Pleasance Ridgely => Charles Ridgely II => Deborah Dorsey

Deborah Dorsey
Born: 1679 in Maryland
Died: Before 1752 in Prince George County, Maryland

Edward Dorsey Sr.
Born: 1619 in Hertford, Hertfordshire, England
Migrated: 1642 to Portsmouth, VA
Died: Aug 2, 1659 in MD
His occupation in Va and Md was a business constructing ships/boats needed in the bay area; his son Edward (and maybe others) worked in the business also.
The MD Assembly first met in his home before the state house was built.
He became Quaker after moving to MD, he was a Puritan in VA.

John Dorsey
Born: 1658 in Baltimore Co, MD
Died: March 22, 1714/15 in Elk Ridge, Anne Arundel, Maryland, USA
He was a member of the Royal Assembly of Maryland.

Son of Lord Thomas Darcy Dorsey
Had a home in Hornsbye Castle, Yorks and London, England, according to Dorsey article in To Maryland from Overseas

Lord Thomas Darcy Dorsey
Died: 1557 in England, executed by decree of Henry 8th

Thomas Dorsey (*1)
Died: 1605 at Hornsbye Castle, Yorks, London, England

Thomas Dorsey (*2)
Died: 1653 in England

Charles Ridgely II
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Ancestry.com Family Tree
Shows a detailed history of the Dorsey family, including quite a number of sources. Based on what I’ve seen, they have done quite a detailed dig into the family. They did seem to have a couple of “son of but no name” entries, based on letters within the family though.

Edward Dorsey Sr. arrived in Portsmouth Virginia in 1642.

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