• If needed, update an Immigration section in the individual family page with all details, and then update the home page with the immigration highlights.
  • For any major timeline fact, include it in the Away in Time story.
  • New relatives go into the pedigree chart, if needed. Republish the image.
  • Don’t forget to cross reference families as needed. (A See Here must have a See There).

Tier One


  • I need to re-acquire the marriage license from Fred and Emma. It had a number of details that I did not record, and may prove helpful.
  • I need to find a baptism certificate for Fred. With any luck, it might lead to some clues as to who his father was.
  • The Holy Grail is to find Fred’s father, obviously. Every other member of this tree is very well documented, and I have extremely high confidence that all is correct. But the branch up from Fred still eludes me. Who sired him?
  • Need Casper Botts birth/death date and information.
  • Need to find details on when/how the Bott family came to the states. Then dig into their German roots, which will also lead into the Kappes family, who I don’t think came over with the Botts.


  • Biggest thing is why do I think the R in Charles R is Ridgely? I knew it once, somehow. And when/how/where did he die? Why did his daughter Anna live with his parents instead of her mother, who remarried just a couple of years later and obviously stayed in her life when she was older?
  • Details on Michael coming to America. Cross reference Goodwin line, as they have him listed a number of times. Some papers mention brothers who didn’t quite cut the cheese. Plenty about him here, would love to know about him in Ireland.
  • Who was this Robert McBlair, living with my Charles McBlair, and the exact same age?


  • Really need to find out more about Lemuel, father of Sam. There just doesn’t seem to be much in the way of records when I was in the Alexandria Library. Nor online. It’s not that common of a name, so why so difficult? This line is killing my pedigree chart!
  • Explore marriage data between Lemuel and Irene Lloyd, cross referencing her family. Explore his previous marriage to Nancy Matilda Arrington, and in fact, cite more sources so we know this is him.

Tier Two


  • We’re in pretty good shape here, just need deeper background.
  • What I know mostly came from the Levy sheets and the W&M document. But because there were some very “landed” families, there should be quite a bit outside of
  • When did Lyde Goodwin come to the US? (He was from Bristol England).


  • Just know about Big Mama. Really need to dig from scratch. I did find some minor stuff about her when digging into Anna Elizabeth McBlair. Good start there. Plus she remarried when Anna was quite young (first husband died, I suppose, then again, maybe not, no death certificate for him).


  • No header on the family page, but little data to make something up. Irene is the starting point, wife of Lemuel Walker. Perhaps after ‘Walker’ breaks loose, this will open up too. So dig, dig, dig. Maybe this will help find Lemuel.
  • I have mention of “The Lloyd Papers at the Maryland Historical Society, in reference to the McBlairs. Not sure what to make of this.


  • — start here, Laura Virginia Jenkins was married to Gilbert Simpson The Younger
  • Don’t have a family page yet either, so this is a complete blank start.

Tier Three


  • Above is a great starting point for “Austin Goodwin, born in England, married Susanna Lyde, born February 12, 1678, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (Blatch) Lyde.
  • Need a family page as well. Nothing yet started.


  • Dig into the Amsterdam connection. Yes, still Europe, but at least it’s different.


  • Need header after deeper dive. Came here from McBlairs and Goodwins. They seem to be a very “landed” family. Looks like even a Goodwin Ridgely switched his name around legally to get some land from a childless uncle.
  • Derived mostly from Wikipedia. Dig deeper into family.
  • Pleasance link

Tier Four


  • Seems I hit a treasure trove, although there are gaps. Need to dig into the sources from the tree I found and see what else can be gleaned. Seems many are actual books. But there is England history too, so perhaps that can be found online. Start at


  • Need header after more research, not enough info right now to write something up.
  • I have two Howards on this one page. They were linked by the same spousal family, so I’m thinking they are related somehow. Need to find out if Rachel and Elizabeth are indeed from the same clan, and if so, how they are related as well. Or maybe I need two pages.
  • Data was from Wikipedia and the Ridgely line, so look deeper into the family.


  • Mason *may* be in this somewhere. At least from Mom’s side. Need a Mason Family page (outside of the others?), along with lots of details of family.
  • Reach out to living relatives (make list) and see if they have more info, and especially photos of anyone.
  • There are other (potential) families that I have not yet started: Lyde, Kappes, Mears, Valentijn Valck Van Der Wilden, Asher Michaels de Paul, Duncan, Willan, Young, Williams, Gretter, Lightfoot, Lyles, Conyers, Ely, and Jenkins to name a few.. All need a page, plus lineages, plus brand new information. (Remember that some small pieces might be in their spouse’s family trees).
  • Conyers starting point is
  • Ely starting point is
  • And sometime, maybe, do all this again with Mom’s family. Or at the very least, load up the GEDCOM file I received and create more detailed reports of everything they found. It will be in a different format, but it’s a starting point. Perhaps I can find a software tool that breaks things out by family. Or maybe even take it all on assumption and try to find historical items to publish.
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